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Dentist in Destrehan

Where can I find a dentist in Destrehan?

Feeling insecure about the brightness of your smile? Are stained, yellowish teeth causing you to hold back in social and professional settings? If so, you are not alone. Studies show that 90% of Americans have talked to their dentist about teeth whitening options. This increasingly popular treatment can dramatically enhance the appearance of your smile. At Patella Dental, your dentist in Destrehan, we use the KOR teeth whitening method to help you achieve a smile you can confidently share with the world.

Dentist in Destrehan

Numerous factors can cause your smile to lose its luster, some of which are beyond your control. Aging can play a role in tooth discoloration, as enamel begins to thin, exposing more of the yellowish, underlying dentin. Persistent exposure to certain foods, drinks, and medications, as well as tobacco use, can cause teeth to become stained. If you are suffering from insecurity over your lackluster smile, you may have noticed or even tried some of the many over the counter products sold at your local drugstore. These products promise dramatic results but often turn out to be disappointing. The safest, fastest and most effective way to achieve a brighter set of pearly whites is by visiting your dentist in Destrehan for a professional teeth whitening treatment. You can choose from an in-office teeth whitening treatment or an at-home approach. Using the KOR teeth whitening method, your dentist applies a whitening agent to the surfaces of your teeth, where it breaks down stains to reveal teeth that are several shades whiter. For a more gradual, but equally effective approach, or to maintain and maximize the results of your in-office whitening, your dentist can provide you with customized KOR bleaching trays for you to use in the comfort of your home.

At Patella Dental, your dentist in Destrehan, we keep pace with the latest innovations in dentistry to deliver effective dental care that is suited to your lifestyle. Our goal is to give you the beautiful smile and healthy teeth that you deserve. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call us today.

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