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Dental crowns Destrehan

At Patella Dental, we keep pace with advanced technology and methods to provide our patients with a more comfortable, convenient experience at every visit. Our office utilizes CAD/CAM technology to provide same day dental crowns Destrehan, making it possible to complete your permanent dental restoration in just one appointment. Our customized same day crowns are designed and fabricated right in our office, which means you won’t have to worry about wearing a temporary crown or coming back for a return visit.

Dental crowns Destrehan

A dental crown helps strengthen and protect your tooth, and restores its function and appearance. We may recommend restoring your tooth with a dental crown following root canal therapy treatment, if a large filling breaks, or if a tooth has been so compromised by injury or decay that it cannot be restored with a filling. While a filling replaces a small portion of tooth structure, a dental crown becomes the tooth’s whole new outermost surface. As a first step in care, we perform a comprehensive examination, with the use of advanced digital radiography, as needed, to determine if a filling or dental crown best serves your neds. To design your same day dental crowns Destrehan, our dentist will simply take a digital scan of the tooth that needs to be crowned, eliminating the need for messy dental impressions. We then use our computer aided design and manufacturing system to create your dental crown. Your same day dental crown is fabricated in our office using the highest grade of dental ceramic materials, which are durable and naturally beautiful. Throughout your course of care, our team of professionals will address any questions you may have, and strive to keep you at ease.

With same day dental crowns Destrehan, we make it easy and worry-free to get the quality dental restorations you deserve. At Patella Dental, we value your time and prioritize your convenience. To learn more about same day dental crowns or to schedule an appointment, call today.

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